28-day Eating Challenge… It’s On!!!

1 example 28-day challenge diets.   1st example – Paleo aka Caveman: Breakfast – Fillet of fresh white fish of choice, handful of rocket, 5 cherry tomatoes, 5 black olives, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper Snack – 1 medium piece of fruit, handful of grapes or berries, wedge of melon […] Read more »

July Boot Camp Course Plan

Week 1 Monday: Technique day Wednesday: Sand Session Obstacle Course (tyre target) Friday: Boxing Week 2 M- CORE isometric training W-100’s Club F- Boxing Week 3 M- Stores Relocation W- Kane/Kettlebell Session F- Boxing Week 4 M- Track Runs/CORE W- Manual Resistance F- Boxing Read more »