Fat Nation

Well here it is the blunt truth… Stop eating so much and do some exercise!

How much longer do we have to listen to “oh training is too hard”, “I can’t get up that early”, “I don’t like getting sweaty”? It’s something I hear nearly every day yet that same person can turn around at the end of the day and complain about being too fat and feeling like crap!

Hilarious! A recent study has shown that our wonderful country is overweight and unhappy, that nearly 60% of the country is too heavy – Fat. The sad part of it is that there are soooo many overweight people that we are finding it hard to distinguish between healthy weight range and our perception of healthy weight ranges.

I’m sick of seeing the media make it ok to be fat, and plus size models struting a catwalk like they have something to prove, that being, it’s ok to be overweight!

I can appreciate and sypathise with anyone who for whatever reason has become overweight, and if they are talking to me about that then they are already on their journey to becoming a healthier and happier person. Respect to you for making that step.

Australia stop blaming everything under the sun for your obesity and take some resposibility for your eating habits. The healthier you are the happier you’ll be, the happier you are, well that speaks for itself!

Get out there in the sun, go for a walk, take the route with the most hills and change your life today, not on “Monday”.

For further reading on some scary facts about our wonderful country, follow this link and have a read.

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