New Recruits

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Once you have signed up please report to the Byron Bay Rec Fields, Tennyson St entrance @ 0550hrs sharp on your first day.


New Recruits (Newbies):       $123 Special if you have never participated in a Byron Bay Boot Camp program.

Return Recruits (Legends): $170 if payed on or before the first day.

                                                              $190 if payed after the first day.

1 Off Sessions (Visitors):       $20

Not Doing The Whole Course (12 sessions): $15 per session If you are not participating in the whole course and will miss 3 or more sessions. If you are missing 1 or 2 sessions the full rate applies.

PLEASE NOTE: If you miss part of your course due to illness/injury or being slack you will not be compensated by Byron Bay Boot Camp.

You may be granted make up sessions for missing part of the course once the course is underway, but only under extenuating circumstances to be discussed with your lead instructor and confirmed with management.


Byron Bay Boot Camp   BSB: 062514   ACC: 10255600

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Boot Camp Prices 2019:

New Recruits: $123, Return Recruits Early Bird (paid on or before 1st day): $170, Return Recruits (Paid after 1st Day): $190

Drop in Sessions: $20 – Must Book

Rules: Missed Session – If you miss sessions during the 4-week challenge you are NOT entitled to make them up during the next course. Byron Bay Boot Camp is not responsible for your health and wellbeing outside our training hours therefore cannot be held accountable if you get sick. You should always ensure a healthy diet, rest days and no alcohol during your time with us.

Injuries: If you have sustained an injury at Boot Camp you are entitled to make up your sessions missed the following course. Please note that we recommend you reduce your training outside of Boot Camp whilst attending our 4 -week challenge as overtraining may contribute to your predisposition to injuries. Any and all injuries are to be disclosed to instructors before beginning the session.