Boot Camp Programs

Choose from our range of Byron Bay Boot Camp programs. From our 4-Week Challenge to our Sport Teams Challenge, we have something for every individual and group! HUA!

4-Week Boot Camp Challenge

This is it, this is the one everyone is talking about! 4 weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 0600-0700

The 4-Week Challenge is the flagship course of Byron Bay Boot Camp. During your 4 weeks you will be challenged in a myriad of ways!

Beginning with the BFA (Basic Fitness Assessment) on Day 1, you will be put through your paces by one of our highly qualified and experienced instructors for 4 weeks. Finishing with the same BFA as the first day you will be astounded by your progress in only 12 sessions!

During your 4-Week Challenge course, you will “run, jump, hop, skip, push up, pull right, pull left, go over, go under, throw that sandbag, flip this tyre, carry those stretchers, dig a hole and crunch your way to a physique you’d only dreamed of”… AND MORE!

You WILL NOT do the same session twice in the 4-Weeks. You WILL NOT get bored and lose interest. You WILL NOT let your team down as they are counting on you to push them that extra inch!

You WILL be part of something you can be PROUD of. You WILL do things you didn’t think you could do. You WILL become a MORE EFFICIENT HUMAN BEING physically and mentally. And YOU WILL BE BACK, just like 91% of our past recruits!

Enlist for our 4-Week Challenge here.

3,6,12-hour Challenges

For the hardcore training enthusiast.

These challenges are not for the faint hearted and it is HIGHLY recommended that participants have taken part in at least 2 full Byron Bay Boot Camp 4-week challenge courses before signing up for these courses. During these extended Boot Camp courses you will be tested in many different ways including, problem solving, will power, physical endurance, mental toughness, team skills and more!

Additional Programs:

As well as our flagship 4-week and 3/6/12 hour challenges we also do:

Corporate Team Building Challenges –  Customised dynamic corporate team building events – and Sports Team Challenges – Give your team the EDGE