Recruit’s Testimonials

“Dan in conjunction with the theme and the direction we took the team on the Friday set up prior to the beach bootcamp session, the fit was ‘hand in glove’.

The guys spoke about the session throughout the weekend and some were reminded while others amazed, by how energised they felt and have committed to exercising in the mornings as a consequence.

At ghd we know that sales requires energy and the team realised that eating and exercising right is a part of the process. And the brain teaser was like the icing on the cake for the added bonus of how important team work is!

Thanks for taking the time with me to get clear on the purpose on the session.

And you will definitely see us next time we are in Byron Bay! And we’ll be telling all or our friends.“

Ann-Maree Mason GHD

“I started Byron Bay Boot Camp in July 2008. I was pretty nervous because i had never been a part of any sporting club(s).

I was so tired, getting up @ 5:15am to do Boot Camp from 6am to 7am. I thought my Friend Michelle was mad, but by the end of my 1st month I had lost 3kgs. Wow. Pretty impressed with myself I had to go again for another month.
I was just over 80kgs, and only 25yrs old when I started and by November 2008 I was down to 70kgs. I had lost 10kg in 4 months!
In November 2008 I asked Matt (my partner) to come and see what Boot Camp was like (as that was all i ever talked about). And here we are, 12 months later… December 2009 and just recently Engaged (Wedding in April 2010) looking hotter then ever, 65kg Size 10 Wedding Dress And Loving Byron Bay Boot Camp.

Thank you so much for all your support. We love Byron Bay Boot Camp.

Rach & Matt”

“I have been doing (Byron Bay) Boot Camp for 7 months now and I can really feel the benefit. I can cut with guys and girls 20 years younger than me. In the 7 months I have never once woken up and thought, “I’ll just stay in bed”.
-Karl Farren, 45
Chinese Medicine Practitioner

“Thank You Dan for pushing me at (brunswick heads) boot camp. I lost 4 kilos and fit into my pants that I used to wear before I was pregnant”.
Kylie Edwards, 29
Brunswick Heads

“I never thought I’d laugh so much while training. After 2 months of (Byron Bay) Boot Camp I have toned my whole body and met some awesome people who are now my good friends”.
-Chloe Donahue, 21

Byron Bay

“For me (Byron Bay) Boot camp is like traveling, you never know what it’s going to be like when you get there, who you’ll meet, or whether you’ll enjoy it or not, but after you’ve tried it and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, you think why didn’t I find this place ages ago, and wonder why no one else has discovered it!

Thanks for your support and taking me on! My fans will thank you! (I don’t have a big ego at all!)

Blessings from my heart to yours”,
Suzi Mould

I have been doing Byron Bay Boot Camp with Dan for nearly 4 years, keeps me fit and stops the middle age spread.
Love it!!
Carole Walsh
55 years young

I just want to say a BIG thank you to Dan @ Byron Bay Boot Camp, I have been going consistently since January this year
and have never felt better nor received so many compliments for looking good!!

I first started with Dan back in 2008 and went for about 4 or 5 months but with a 2 year break doing different programs I found I really missed the variety and basically just wasn’t getting the results I saw at Boot Camp so this year I just had to go back.
“I LOVE BOOTCAMP” because….
We train outside on the beach and get to witness the best part of the day & some of the most amazing sunrises;
It pushes you when you need to be pushed (well, when I’m being lazy!), but is also very supportive and encouraging;
Every day of training is different and although some days are hard work they are also lots of fun;
You get to meet some awesome people who really do become friends
AND you really do see the results!! Thanks Dan xxx
Corrine Dooley
28 Byron Bay