Weight loss your thing? We got you covered

Hi All,
Just going through some of the new recruit questionnaires and some of you are interested in releasing some weight.

So here are my all time 5 top tips for weight release:

1. Start a food diary – the more conscious you become of what you put in your mouth the more likely you will be able to change

2. Drink more water – most of the time we are hungry it is because we are actually dehydrated.Drink 1 cup of water before each meal

3. Don’t drink calories – monitor the alcohol you consume.

4. Watch the portion size. Change the size of your plate, eat with a tea spoon, think child size portions, yes really.

5. Be clear about why you want to release the weight and remind yourself, without judgment. If you can come up with 100 why’s, you will – Action confirms your priorities in life

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