Why Us?


We don’t just run a fitness business. We eat, sleep, breath and live fitness. If you want results and love training outdoors Byron Bay Boot Camp is for you!

Byron Bay Boot Camp is 100% locally owned and operated, with real military experienced trainers developing and conducting courses. We run 3 days per week in Byron Bay. Courses are run first thing in the morning (early morning activity) and in the daylight saving months we run outdoor fitness classes in the afternoon 3 days per week.

Our outdoor fitness classes are second to none. We guarantee results and stand behind every course we run! If you don’t achieve a positive outcome after one of our 4-week challenge courses we will happily refund your course fee! Remember you need to be there every Boot Camp session and participate to your best ability and we’ll do the rest…

The beauty of Byron Bay Boot Camp is you don’t have to think. Al you have to do is turn up and listen to your instructor 3 hours per week, and that’s it! There are 168 hours in one week, if you can’t spend 3 of those hours training and improving your life then you’re just making (bad) excuses.

Unlike other outdoor fitness businesses, you will never do the same outdoor boot camp fitness session twice in a month (excluding Basic Fitness Assessment). This means you won’t get bored and, more importantly, your body won’t get used to the same old training techniques.

It is a well known fact that if you keep your body guessing it will constantly adapt to keep up with whatever you have to throw at it, and in this case that means MORE strength, MORE cariovascular fitness, MORE endurance, MORE core strength and a higher overall fitness!

To this day Byron Bay Boot Camp boasts a record of NEVER having had a major injury to any of it’s valued recruits… Ask you current Boot Camp provider or Outdoor Fitness Provider if they can honestly say the same!

We have a 91% return rate for several reasons. Our Boot Camp courses are structured to suit all and every fitness level. Our instructors are highly trained individuals. We have some of the most pristine outdoor training venues on the North Coast of NSW and in Australia. Last but not least, we care about every client who goes through our Boot Camp program.